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In the early morning of December 30,2019, a fire broke out in a residential building in the Taishuiqiao district of Fuling District in Chongqing, killing a family of six. The happy family of eight now has only 52-year-old Liu Ming and 80-year-old mother. And those who died in the fire were Liu Ming's father, wife, only son Liu Qian, daughter-in-law Chen Xiaoxia,10-year-old granddaughter and 5-year-old grandson.


Dozens of people's fire brigades, heart-saving neighbors, and a professional fire training, with certain fire knowledge of Liu Qian himself, have not been able to recover the lives of these six people from death.


Fire residential building is the only building in the Taishuiqiao District, belong to the resettlement house, a total of 18 floors. From the main road into the district, there are two fire channels to reach the fire residential building, but these two roads usually random parking phenomenon is more serious, renovation many times, still not effective.


In the early morning of the 30th, it was still dark, and Jin Shiming, who lived on the fifth floor, woke up in his sleep and heard someone outside shouting,\" Smoke is smoking \"and\" fire.\" Looked at the phone, the time is 6:06. He immediately went to the window and saw no fire. He put on a feather suit and ran downstairs with his pants in his arms.


At that time, there were two people standing on the side of the road. He looked up and there was a big smoke coming out of the building. On the 11th floor, and again from the top down, it was found to be the 12th floor,\"12-1\", and then hurried upstairs.


At the same time as Jin Shiming went upstairs, Wang Qiang, who lived on the 17th floor, found that the house had suddenly smoked, and began to think that the water heater had exploded, turned off the power supply and turned off the main gate, but the smoke was getting bigger and bigger. He quickly opened the window and looked down to see smoke coming from the floor below. Then the lad on the 18th floor ran down and said it was Liu Qian's house that had ignited.


Wang qiang and liu ming make friends, the two families \"are not relatives than relatives \". He ran downstairs in his first aid, wearing his slippers, knocking at the door and telling his neighbors to go downstairs. After arriving at 12-1, he kicked the door with his feet, couldn't move, went to the 11th floor to find a pickaxe to pry the door, dug out a hole, the smoke instantly rushed out, he was choked, ran to the less smoke to change a few breaths, and returned to pry the door.


When Jin Shiming climbed up the 12th floor, Wang Qiang was already prying the door, and he went to open the fire hydrant, opened the door and unscrewed the valve, and he remembered that there was no effluent. He and the other two joined Wang Qiang to pry the door, and then the smoke grew bigger and the door began to burn, and they could not help but retreat to safety. Jin Shiming ran downstairs again and called for a rope. It's about 6:30.


Liu Junjie, who lives in 132, got up at 6:30, and heard a cry. Then he saw the smoke on the opposite side of the downstairs. Liu Qian extended his head at the window for help. He quickly told his father Liu Ronghui to wait for his family to get up, and the family escaped downstairs. When I went downstairs, ask other neighbors if they had called``119'' and said they had already hit.


Downstairs, they saw Liu Qian lying by the window with a phone flashlight shouting for help,\" We're in the bathroom in the master bedroom, and all four of us are here.\" Four people refer to the Liu Qian couple and two children.


At about 6:40, Liu Ronghui heard someone shouting \"take the rope \", he immediately went to the car to pick up the rope, a man ran upstairs, there were men, women and children running down, he shouted all the way, followed three or four people. They ran to the 13th floor, and the 13-1 door was open, but the smoke was too heavy to get in. Then they ran to the 14th floor, and the door of 14-1 was open. They rushed in, choked two times, went in, smoked more and more, went in about five metres,\" it's impossible \", and retreated again.


At this point, a fire hydrant was alerted. Liu Ronghui went to open the fire hydrant on the 14th floor, out of a very thin water, the size of the water is similar to the water out of the water purifier, simply cannot extinguish the fire. Two police officers then emerged from the elevator to evacuate and let them leave. Down to the third and fourth floor, they met firefighters laying fire hoses on the stairs.


After Liu Ronghui, Tan Bo and other people also took a 20-floor long safety rope upstairs, but up to the 11th floor was rushed down. Along with Wang Qiang, who has been on the 12th floor trying to save lives, Wang Qiang and others asked firefighters to break the door.


After coming down from the 11th floor, they stayed on the 10th floor for a few minutes. In the meantime, firefighters on the 12th floor called the property monitor, who was on the 10th floor, to listen to them. On the phone, the fireman said no one had been found, and the property monitor said there were six people in the toilet. After a while, the fireman made a call to the property monitor, who took the phone to the 12th floor, the situation behind is unknown. Then the water-belted firefighters passed the 10th floor, urging them down.


Wang Qiang's daughter called Liu Qian's wife Chen Xiaoxia at 6:50, and Chen Xiaoxia answered the phone and shouted,\" Sister! Help! Wang Qiang called Liu Qian at 6:58, but no one spoke, when Liu Qian was shouting for help downstairs.


Mr. yao, who lives in 11-1, had a conversation with mr. liu upstairs through his bathroom window at around 7. \"I shouted'Liu Qian! Liu Qian! He called for us to quickly take them next, I asked him to rope the baby off, he said no rope, I said to tear the sheets, he said the sheets were all burned, I said then I went to find the rope. Mr. Yao said that at that time Liu Qian consciousness was still very sober, but very anxious, very want to save the child.


He immediately went out to find the rope and met the firemen out of the elevator, urging them to hurry down the stairs. He said to the firefighters,'Liu Qian is asking for help, let's find a rope to hang their baby first. The fireman said,\" You go down. You go down. This danger. Let's go.\"


At noon on the day of the incident, the propaganda department of the Fuling District Committee issued a notice: at about 6:40 on December 30,2019, a fire broke out in a residential building in the Taishuiqiao District of saddle street in Fuling District. Fuling fire rescue detachment command center after receiving the police, immediately dispatched rescue teams rushed to the scene to dispose of, at 0755 open fire extinguished. Six people were killed in the accident and the cause of the specific fire is being investigated.


A firefighter told him that the first call they received was at 6:44 p.m., Liu said. Neighbours believe that the earliest alarm may be liu qian himself, liu qian is deputy director of the community neighborhood committee, is also the head of the building, fire safety is one of his responsibilities, he has received more professional fire training, after he found the fire in the house, it is impossible not to call the police first.


The nearest fire brigade is about five minutes'drive from the district. According to several residents, the first firefighters arrived at the scene at about seven o'clock. A third-floor resident called the police at 6:54 and shouted,\" Come on! People are going to burn! He estimated that after about 10 minutes, the fire engine arrived downstairs.


On the day of the incident, the fire brigade came to several cars, Liu said. The first arrival was a command vehicle and two fire engines, with countless firefighters, feeling \"many people \", spread out on different floors, some laying water belts, some clearing the yard, and some getting fire hydrants.


Then came the larger ladder fire engine, which was blocked by a private car at the corner of the slope, when residents went over to help topple the car, delaying about three minutes. At that time people were no longer good, so the ladder was useless.


Then came a water truck, which stopped for a while and left. Then came two more fire trucks. Finally, a water truck came and used the previously laid water belt to add water to the first-time fire truck. Liu Junjie's video of adding water was deleted, and only one video screenshot was recovered, and the time was shown at 8:36. At this time has extinguished the open fire, continue to sprinkle water is to cool down, prevent reburning, and so on.


Photos taken by residents showed Liu Qian still flashing a flashlight for help at 7:05. After the fire engine came, Liu Qian they also called for help for about ten minutes, can also hear the cry of the child.


Finally, Liu Junjie heard Liu Qian hissing and shouting:\" Take the ladder!\" In less than a minute, a fire erupted from the bathroom window and the cry for help disappeared.


A photograph taken by Mr. Yao showed that there was no fire in the bathroom window at 7:19, only a plume of grey smoke billowing. At this point, they are likely to be alive.


The residents of the building turned out to be a large group, everyone had known each other since childhood, and the neighborhood had deep feelings and often crossed each other's doors. While Liu Qian was calling for help, the neighbors downstairs were also shouting \"help \"\"quick rescue,\" and many were in tears,\" watching them burn alive.\"


On the afternoon of december 30th a captain li of fuling fire rescue detachment denied that \"fire hydrants without water caused the rescue to be blocked \", he said that the fire brigade rushed to the scene to rescue, arrived at the scene, the fire hydrants all have water.


But residents still insist there is no water, and some fire hydrant valves are rusty and unscrewed, as are the rest of the surrounding housing. Residents of another neighborhood also reflected that the fire hydrants in their neighborhood also did not have water.


In the night of the incident, Liu Ronghui went to the duty room to ask the security guard, who said that the fire hydrant had water, but the pressure was insufficient, and the water flow was very small. Cover news interviewed a community deputy director surnamed Zheng, also reiterated this statement.


More than 12 p.m., liu and the other two went to check some of the corridor's water pipes and the top floor's cistern, and took videos. The video shows water clattering through a vertical pipe, while the cistern on the roof of the building is rising. This means that the reservoir is not always full, i.e. not up to fire standards. In addition, the first floor hall has a root canal, for many years never dripping water, after the accident began to drip.


\"The fire brigade arrived at the scene at 7:55 to extinguish the open fire. Why did it take so long? \"Liu Ronghui was puzzled. He speculated that perhaps because the fire hydrant did not come out of the water or the water was small, the fire brigade informed the property to pressurize, when the electricity was shut down, and the underground garage generator was used to pressurize the pressurized pump.


When he saw the water coming out of the 12-1 window, mr. liu said he suddenly felt dry and wanted to get water from another suite in his name, but was stopped by police. Then he went round the back door, which had been blocked by wire and had been guarded by several policemen. He was standing there, hearing the sound of a generator in the underground garage, and the decorator had been watching it for about half an hour before the fire stopped. Residents suspect the first fire engines are running out of water and relying on fire hydrants.


In response, Chongqing Fuling District Fire Detachment propaganda section Xiao surnamed Xiao told the elephant news interview, rescue, the 12th floor of the fire hydrant and fire truck have water, fire truck has 8 tons of water storage, every day shift will check water and oil enough, will never appear empty car fire situation. \"Our rescue was carried out in two ways: on the one hand, the firefighters went upstairs and put out the fire with a fire hydrant on the 12th floor; on the other hand, they took over from the fire truck to the 12th floor. After the pipes were laid, they were supplied with water by fire engines. \"He speculates that the suspected lack of water in the fire truck was due to a misunderstanding that the pipe was flat in the course of laying it on the 12th floor. He also told the cover news that he was not at the scene of the fire, cannot determine the fire hydrant water problem, the final results to wait for expert appraisal report.


It is understood that the residential building is a rehousing house, in May 2013 to hand over the house, the owner has not yet obtained a property certificate. Residents knew from the beginning that fire hydrants without water, fire equipment is not complete, and the property has been reflected many times, cannot be completely resolved. At first, only fire hydrants on each floor, no fire hoses and fire extinguishers, at least two years after the installation of fire hoses in the fire box, and then a fire extinguisher on each floor, residents said. the fire extinguisher production date is 2018.


In May 2019, the district posted a sign of the completion of the project, showing the completion date of May 7,2019. \"Checking in in May 2013 and passing acceptance only in May 2019 means that we have lived in a dangerous house for six years.\" resident mr. li felt indignation.


Shortly after the completion of the card was posted, some residents went to court for outstanding property charges, and the case is still being coordinated. Mr. yu, who lives on the 5th floor, did not pay the property fee from beginning to end, and said that when the property began to collect the property fee, he said to them:\" when I heard the fire pipe knocked down (indicating that there was water in it), I would pay the property fee.\"


Another owner, Mr. Gao, later heard that there are fire safety hazards before starting to pay property fees. On the fire hydrant no water problem, last year, the owners strongly responded,\" very noisy \", property security to the roof of the reservoir water, mr. gao followed the security together on the roof of the building, when the reservoir is a cement pool, who knows when the water is almost full, the floor above the 18th floor are deformed. After the property to the 18th floor each household lost about 1000 yuan, the cement pool has also been replaced by the current iron box.


Previously, the residential property company staff told the interface news phone interview, all the fire hydrants have been water, but the start of the rescue pressure is insufficient, because the booster pump is operated by professionals, usually will not open. After the fire, called the electrician to turn on the booster pump, when the fire brigade came there was water, and did not delay the rescue time.


Mr. Yu said he had previously reflected with Mr. Liu on fire water and access issues, and Mr. Liu said he had written a report to the community, which was transferred to the government, which eventually agreed to build a parking lot to resolve the problem, but had not started construction so far.


Dust flutters outside Fuling Funeral Home on the morning of December 31,2019. Every church had its mourners, one of whom had gathered the most, with the remains of Liu Ming's father.


Liu Ming sat in the corner of the sofa chair, covered with a white quilt, look sad, lifeless. It was only when the neighbours were talking about the fire scene that he was slightly pulled back from his sustained grief.


Liu Ming contracted the site work in Guizhou, the site is very busy, year-round outside, get together with his family less and more, the last time home is more than three months ago, only two days. The night before the fire, he had a video call with his family, and his grandson was still asking when Grandpa would come back, arguing for him to buy a W-start toy sniper gun. He doesn't know what W started.


He had planned to go home for two days the next day, take the 10:00 a.m. bus and get home by 3:00 p.m. Without the accident, as soon as he opened the door, he could see his family greeted him with joy, and then the family sat neatly together for a good supper. The unique taste of the home, he ate for more than 30 years.


However, four hours before the planned departure, he was preparing for breakfast when he received a call from his home from a fellow worker informing him that the 12th floor of the building was on fire. He immediately called the family and couldn't get through. As he called, he continued to call.


At 7:03, finally got through daughter-in-law Chen Xiaoxia's phone, Chen Xiaoxia answered the phone to shout:\" is the father's phone! Daddy's phone! Then the son followed and shouted,\" It's burning! It's burning! Only two or three words were broken, and then there was no answer. Every time he mentioned the last phone call, Liu Ming began to cry uncontrollably.


After 20 minutes, he took the bus back to Fuling, a few hours by car, all the way to make phone calls, everywhere, asked if anyone came out, cannot remember how many. In the meantime, when he heard that the fire brigade had come, he was hopeful that none would be saved.


At about eight o'clock, he made a voice in the family, calling out to his nephew and niece to come back and say,\" The house is on fire, and your aunt's house is all on fire. \".


Nephew was close enough to arrive at the scene at eight o'clock, no more smoke. He said that at that time Chen Xiaoxia's maiden family wanted to go up to see the situation, the police stopped the upstairs, pushed the ground to have a conflict, so was detained by the police, not released until evening.


Nephew said, at that time the family did not agree to pull people away, because did not see the scene, uncle has not come back. Liu Ming's father's cell phone is still open, they want to take it out, but the scene has been blocked, no one can enter.


By the time Liu Ming returned, the body had been pulled to the funeral home. By then the man was no longer able to stand. Then all the family went to the funeral home together.


In the funeral home, Liu Ming saw six bodies \"all burned \", completely different, only the elderly a little better. From the grotesque and ferocious posture, they were burned in extreme pain at the last moment.


That night, niece cannot sleep all night, a closed eyes, is a cruel picture. Liu Ming did not eat all day, sat up in bed in the middle of the night crying, niece came to wash his face in the morning when he also cried, said:\" you do not give me one yo, not one left me, how do I live this day yo.\"


“What one fears most about living alone is that there is no hope, no poverty, no hope, nothing, nothing. How do you tell him to face the future?" Nephew said here, also cannot stop tears.


The old mother in the hospital still did not know, no one told her, but according to the discussion of the roommate, she basically guessed. The niece said that on the night of the incident, grandma called and asked everyone about the situation. "She said,'How is your grandfather? Is it dead?' I said no, just injured, treated in Chongqing. She said,' I want to see your grandfather. If your grandfather is going to die, make sure I come to see him. She also said that if only two children to go to school, I said,'Yes, they're fine. She said,'If only they had gone (really) to read!' ”


Two children are excellent, big sensible, small clever. The 10-year-old niece began in the first grade, every morning consciously up to read, good results, singing and dancing, won a lot of trophies, is the focus of the school to train students. Usually guests at home, she will take the initiative to bring tea to clean the table,\" can do very well.\"


Liu Qian and his wife are also very good people, busy work, often overtime, but also as a member of the family committee. Last year, there was a barbecue injury in her niece's class, and they led the organization to donate money.


My uncle is considerate and friendly. There was such a big accident at home, in such a sad situation, the next day can still think of other people's home something, need to send a gift, turned over half a day WeChat said to send red envelopes. \"I say it's time for my uncle, and you're still thinking about others.


But when it comes to his own demands and plans, mr liu has no idea. \"Now what can I think? The whole family has gone, and there is an old man who has no idea.


On the morning of January 2, he brought six relatives back to his father's home for burial, tears and cries never stopped, and they were held up and comforted. But it was clear to everyone that it was a hasty and cruel farewell, and that no consolation would relieve his pain.


In more than twenty days, is the Spring Festival, is the day of family reunion. When the lights of the house lit up, only the house, which had been burned to pieces, was dark. Where would Liu Ming be at that time?