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In other words, as one of the most important midway points in the Middle East and even Asia, Europe and Africa, Dubai International Airport has a large number of passengers every day, and may have too many celebrities to pass by. To give Tuhao people a more comfortable journey, Dubai Airport has the world's most luxurious VIP terminal, a world's largest VIP terminal in excess of 60000 square feet (about 5574 square meters)!


Jetex is one of the three carriers of the VIP terminal, and the world's 39 largest fixed base operators, and recently a reporter named Rachel Hosie, part of the business entertainment website Insider, had the privilege of getting into the experience of this VIP terminal, giving us a glimpse of the moat...


The person who led Rachel's trip to the private luxury terminal, Adel Mardini, chief executive of Jetex, according to Adel, famous actor Will Smith, Pierce Brosnan and rock band Maroon 5 have all visited the luxury VIP private terminal!


In addition to the stars in the entertainment industry, there are royals, military chiefs and some wealthy people who have frequented the terminal, although the average price of private jets rented by Jetex is as high as $11,000 an hour (around 77,464 yuan), but this isn't a bad idea for clients, and why not?


While there is no red carpet at all terminal entrances throughout Dubai International Airport, only Jetex, a luxury terminal, has an eye-catching orange carpet in front of it. When customers are booked in advance to get out of the car at the front of the terminal, service personnel waiting at the front of the terminal take the initiative to open the door and carry their luggage.


After lightly entering the gate of the terminal at the service, the first sight was a spacious atrium - complete with all-white decorations on the walls, floors and ceilings.


There's also a white triangular piano in the atrium, where specially invited pianists play the tune that clients want to hear, and where Adele says American actors Nick Cannon and singer Adam Levine, who have been to the terminal, couldn't help but play one.


Once you become a customer of this terminal, you can completely get rid of the long line security process in the regular terminal, where you just need to hand your passport to the service personnel at the reception desk on the left of the entrance. All that remains is to get the ultimate service in the terminal and then wait until you're on board before going through the aisle.


Before entering the formal lounge, it will pass by the flowery display cabinet that separates the lounge from the atrium and circulates the projection of the Jetex movie.


If you think that the so-called luxury is such a little thing, it would be a big mistake! After passing through the lounge, one more promenade will lead to another.


Most of all, there's a $1 million (about 7 million yuan) Sony Crystal LED TV, which currently has only a few of the world's televisions, where customers can play any movie they like!


Adel said at the time that customers in the terminal were people who lived in top apartments, had a Bentley and were on private jets worth more than $20 million!


Therefore, the decoration in the terminal must maintain this high level of luxury, otherwise there is no line against the identity of other customers ah. On top of that, there's another reason to make the terminal so luxurious - hoping to give customers a more upscale and comfortable experience so they can stay here a little longer, rather than just serve as an intermediary for pre-registration checks, like other terminals.


But if the client stays here a little longer, it must have to arrange some delicious food ah! In fact, Jetex's terminal doesn't have any restaurants or menus at all, because it doesn't need them! As long as the customer wants to eat, the service staff will do everything to meet their needs! Rachel has been enjoying delicious pastries such as mini-cheese cakes, macarons and chocolate at the Michelin restaurant level while visiting the Jetex Terminal.


Even more surprising was a cup of cappuccino with her floral look on it from the service in the terminal! The flower was made by a $1000 machine, a surprise that also sent Will Smith on the go.


After Adel's office, the room below is a conference room with all kinds of latest features and equipment, on the custom Jetex featured conference table, each with a bottle of Voss bottled drinking water in front of each seat only available at the high-end venue!


Adel also told Rachel that there are frequent visitors from Asia, Europe and Africa who meet in the conference room, not in downtown Dubai or elsewhere, just for a special meeting.


Then came the last room of the entire terminal, the nearest one to the entrance, which was surrounded by various frames of modern wood art, and was stylish!


At the end of the trip to the luxury private terminal, Rachel came to realize the truth - the most luxurious part of the VIP terminal for the wealthy wasn't just the high-end enjoyment, but the service that saved customers a lot of time, after all, the money! Here, they can use other people's queues for security to meet, work and even get a good night's sleep!

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