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On the last day of 2019, Han Geng married his girl, Lu Jingshan, and the wedding place was chosen in New Zealand. The two met in the 2017 Golden Rooster Award Han Geng \"Gentleman Fu \", by 2018 Han Geng birthday to announce the love affair, and then to the last day of last year's marriage.


Mr and Mrs Han chose to host an outdoor forest wedding in Paradise Town, South Island, New Zealand, where they exchanged rings, read vows, signed up under the witness of the audience and kissed sweetly.


Han Geng also sang a \"Yes, Please,\" the lyrics of the girl's name, singing and crying Lu Jingshan. At the dinner party, they also dance, in short, the wedding is both warm and lively, the most familiar family, friends, like a carnival.


As early as nine years ago, Han Geng's first personal MV Say No was set here, and since then, both filming and publicity, Han Geng and New Zealand have an indescribable fate. In addition to han geng, many european and american stars have chosen mv filming in paradise, such as taylor swift's single \"out of the woods \".


New Zealand is no stranger to travel enthusiasts, especially Queenstown. The natural scenery is superb, a paradise for photography and hiking enthusiasts; Queenstown is also the birthplace of bungee jumping and a favourite destination for adventurers.


New Zealand is located in the southern hemisphere, the entire country is divided into the North Island and the South Island, the largest city Auckland is located in the North Island, the film \"Hobbit\" in the golden plain mostly set here. Primitive forests, charming canyons, mountains and rivers are mostly distributed in the South Island.


The town of paradise,20 kilometers north of the southern island of greennoch, is an area of lake diamonds, lake ris and lake dat. Surrounded by mountains and valleys, most are private farms, almost uninhabited.


When it comes to the origin of paradise town, some say it is named after the duck of heaven, but also named after the local natural scenery, no matter what, the scenery here is fascinating.


Drive from Queenstown to Paradise Town, all the way down Lake Vacatip, drive for 45 minutes, and Greenwich arrive. Turning from Greenwich to a gravel path, they would pass through several streams to reach Dart Beach, where the Han Geng wedding was held.


From queenstown to greennoch, new zealand's famous self-driving line is also one of the world's eight landscaped roads, along the way such as postcards, people cannot help but stop to enjoy.


Many visitors to Paradise Town will opt to take part in a one-day tour in Greenwich, including canoe trips, Paradise Town horse riding and hiking. It's a popular location for the movie, where the Lord of the Rings trilogy and the Narnia saga are filmed.


Paradise town will take visitors on horseback back to the \"lord of the rings\" shooting attractions; canoeing can penetrate the jungle and even reach the nearby asperling mountain national park.


Mount Asperin is one of New Zealand's highest peaks, with its mountains, glaciers and valleys, with countless short-range trails scattered around the park's main thoroughfares that attract mountaineers. In addition, there are many wild animals, especially birds, such as pecking sheep parrots and alpine parrots.


If the time is sufficient, you can challenge the lutburn trail, which is the \"nine famous footpath\" in new zealand, near greennoch,32 kilometers,3-4 days. Across the mountain, walking in the canyon, at a peak of 1255 meters above sea level, you can also enjoy the jewel-like purity of the lake.


If these don't stimulate your adrenaline, then bungee jumping, skydiving these extreme sports you can think of, New Zealand has them all. In gmnocchi, take a flight from the sky, get on a sightseeing plane, take a look at the vast plains of the mountains and rivers, and jump at the top of the sky under a coach. Harrison Ford, who starred in Star Wars, is here to successfully challenge skydiving.

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