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On January 3, in an interview with reporters, the director of the B-stop New Year's Eve party, Gong Peng, confessed,\" To be honest, whether the B-stop New Year's Eve party is really \"hot\" I'm not sure. However,\" out of the circle \"was the demand mentioned at station b at that time, they hope that the party is not just for the circle culture people to see, do not want to simply repeat the circle of the existing model of up party, festival, but hope to let more people see a different party.


Gong Peng: the direction that we determine is to build a party that belongs to B station, the party that young people like to watch, rely on the cultural attribute of B station, want to revolve empathy point and resonance point.


Then came the second set of ideas. We spent 10 days trying to extrapolate the culture of station B. We found that station B contains all kinds of interesting things. When the program is planned, we will ask more users of station B, ask them what they like and what they want to see.


I find these young people are very positive energy and sunshine, they study in B station, is diverse, imagination is very rich. And each field has a professional UP master, with unique achievements, which will be in the B-station culture group. After the party, I myself more and more like B station.


According to the data found that on the B station, the sun, national style and so on are user favorite content. It is worth mentioning that we found that after the \"Iron and Steel torrent march\" came out, many users made attitude expression on the B station, but also found that the \"bright sword\" has a lot of ghost animals, and the \"bright sword\" culture is unique on the B station. Considering the innovative patriotic expression of youth, we have combined the bright sword and the march of steel.


Station B will also give feedback in time. For example,\" I for the song crazy \"this animation in the B station people's mind is what kind of weight. And \"Nezha's Magic Child\" itself is a popular cartoon, so the program is more popular, can meet the feelings of everyone.


Zhang Qiang's disco performance, which we thought might be of interest to viewers around the age of forty, was expected to bring in such a show to satisfy the crowd's preferences.


In addition, Wu Yifan's \"big bowl wide noodles\" on the B station ghost animal video many, we also collected a lot of related video. For the time being, regardless of the entertainer's flow, it also has soil in the cultural circle of station B.


data in the direction and type of audience like to do a strong combing. We choose programs with greater commonality in the data, and let the show satisfy the audience.


Besides, the main performance of UP is also discussed with station B. This is the party at station B, and there must be a performance by the up owner. However, it is also necessary to maintain the volume, pay attention to the difference in the program. For example, the first part of the return to music ontology, symphony orchestra with UP main performance. The second part, in the stage packaging we made the concept of new national style.


Gongpeng: at first thought, symphony has not been presented at the party, very new. \"Game of Thrones \",\" Harry Potter\" and other film and television theme song, in fact, are strong symphony attributes.


But on the other hand, the symphony is more elegant, we want to let it fall to the ground, blend pop music with it, and make some adaptations in accordance with the musical attributes. GAI's music, for example, has its own program, and we communicate with it, changing its previous style and making it more exciting by blending with the symphony.


In terms of programming, we use data to analyze what users like to see, and then use the party's rules to arrange and rearrange, including the emotional ups and downs of the whole party and narrative logic.


In fact, in the past evening party, the director group's thought is too strong, has the obvious director attribute and the symbol sex in it. And in this party, the director became a planner, to B station culture to do a comb.


Choose specific songs, such as B station to provide us with 100 popular songs. We did the tests at the office and let them out to the team's young people to see which song they were listening to, and I didn't even know about Dejavu at first. That's how the song is 100 into 50,50 into 30 and so on.


As for breaking the wall of the dimension, when the concept of dimension appears at first, it belongs to a strong attribute division. But now with the concept of breaking the wall of the dimension, in fact, the overall inclusiveness has increased, everyone is accepting different things. No matter how many yuan, good things everyone will like.


At the time of the clip, the director's group was also divided, and some directors thought the program was a bit too long. According to the data analysis, I think teacher Fang is the \"god man\" that B station users like. Although I insist on keeping these two programs, I also have some worries about whether the young people will like them or not. But I didn't expect it to be popular.


As mentioned earlier, the B-stop party starts with a symphony concert. We have a symphony orchestra, an electric orchestra, and Mr. Fang is also a master of national music, initially want to do the collision of East and West musical instruments.


Later, when we actually planned, we found that Mr. Fang could play too many musical instruments, thinking of the difference in musical instruments to match the plot. At that time, the director group and teacher fang, zhao zhao spent the afternoon to take stock of the music, musical instruments. The director group believes that if the program is very professional, the lack of entertainment, people will accept a bit of a threshold. Teacher Fang interpreted a flick of his finger on the spot and we thought it was fun.


So what we finally designed was to divide the 11-minute program into three chapters, emphasizing the musical attributes of the lute, the rich form of performance, and cross-border cooperation, which was not boring and more visible.


In fact, the whole party was analyzing what the symphony was all about. After analyzing the data, we found that they also have strong symphonic attributes.


I've seen the show before, they've been in the army, they've been in the show. They usually don't do commercial parties, so when we went to invite them, we moved them with military feelings.


Rehearsing with a symphony orchestra and a professional teacher is a serious matter. At the end of the show, veterans were delighted:\" We'll be hotly debated by young people, and we'll be praised.\"


Gongpeng: I can't say that the beauty of this party is the best, each party has its own attributes and characteristics. Just B station party space layout and dance planning, in line with the program's setting, support the performance of the program.


Before and after we changed the five edition dance design. Often, dance out of half to see the program, after the program came out we change dance beauty, dance beauty needs to be customized for each program.


Specifically, it is reflected in the distribution of the whole stage, which piece to the symphony music, which piece to the dance area. The visual presentation of each program is customized. For example, the show uses fire, waterfalls or cold fireworks, some are completely blank, some are driving the atmosphere, these need to be balanced. Luo Tianyi is a virtual idol, but before I also cooperated, this aspect of technology mature, early planning precision, so the implementation of the site is also relatively smooth.


Gongpeng: indeed, this party is mainly for the audience in front of the screen. The first edition of the clip follows the traditional party clip, resulting in the symphony and the program has no relevance, only played the role of accompaniment.


There's also a choice in the lens, such as the fact that \"Hedwig Variations\" has to fall in the size of Richard M. The relationship between Clydeman and the castle. The planning and design of the lens should be planned with the reference of broadcast.


As for the design of the screen, there have been earlier expectations. For example, Zhang Qiang and Fang Jinlong's performance, when planning, we also tested the response of the live team members, they may not know who this person is, but have heard his\/her music. What I want is this effect, I hope you can search after watching the program.


However,\" out of the circle \"was the demand mentioned at station B at that time, they hope that the party not only to the circle of culture to see, not to simply repeat the circle of the existing model of UP main party, New Year's Festival, but to let more people see a different party.