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On December 16,2019, vivo held its annual flagship new product launch in Guilin, Guangxi, at which vivo officially launched the vivo X30 series as its flagship product, the X30Pro positioning professional-grade image flagship, which was expected by many netizens before the launch. At this point in late 2019, it adopted the vivo X30 series of the integrated dual-model 5G base band SoC, which can be said to be the perfect finisher of vivo in 2019, with a five-fold long-range focal lens, the X30 Pro, and the bigger one of the vivo imaging system.


Before we have brought the mobile phone live experience content, today the mobile phone finally came to the NetEase mobile phone evaluation room, below we will look at the performance of the phone in detail. (Ps)(Ps)(Ps)(Ps)(Ps)(Ps)(Ps)(Ps)(Ps)(Ps)(Ps)(Ps)(Ps)(Ps)(Ps)(Ps)(Ps)(Ps)(Ps)(Ps)(Ps)(Ps)(Ps)(Ps)(Ps)(Ps (Ps)(Ps)(Ps (Ps))(Ps (Ps)(Ps (Ps)(Ps. ).


Vivo X30 Pro uses an inch-sized AMOLED perforated screen with a hole diameter of only one, which is currently the smallest aperture of the screen to improve the integrity of the screen and not over-destroy the screen perception.


The X30 Pro uses the same screen material as on the previous flagship NEX3, all from Samsung's E3 AMOLED. The screen can achieve up to 800 nit's regular and 1200 nit's local brightness, with a 42% reduction in harmful blue light radiation, that is, it has already been able to meet the brightness of hdr content, which few phones can do at that price range.


In addition to the screen specification, the screen fingerprint module used by Vivo X30Pro is also improved over the past: its detection area is increased by 30%, which can effectively improve the recognition performance and sensitivity. From the on-site experience of unlocking the situation, unlocking speed has almost been able to identify a high with the physical fingerprint.


Vivo X30 Pro offers three shades of color, personally favourite white called'secret silver', which has a mirror-like texture as well as a colourful look at different angles. By contrast,\" obsidian \"black is more low-key,\" Gossip\" is more jumpy.


Under the 4350 mAh-capacity battery, the vivo X30 Pro's fuselage thickness and weight control are pretty good, completely without the weight of the previous 5G phone, and the Exynos 980 integrated baseband contributes a lot.


Specific to the fuselage details, the top of the X30Pro made some special texture, the figurative analogy is the file on the rhombus staggered, but the line is softer, feel delicate. In addition, vivo X30 Pro also retains the headphone interface, and the charging\/data interface is the Type-C specification, which supports 33W quick charge.


Exynos, developed by vivo and samsung, is a \"killer\" of the vivo x30 series. The soc of the integrated dual-mode 5g baseband is critical at this point in time at the end of 2019, and the x30 series is likely to be the fastest-selling cpu baseband integrated dual-mode 5g model since the news of the previous x30 production of 100,000 units.


Exynos, which itself supports dual-mode 5G, is able to achieve the highest (theoretical) data communication in a 5G communication environment, and the download rate is up to the maximum (theoretical) per second in a 4G-5G dual connection state.


It's obviously impractical to reach the theoretical value from the point of view of use, but the antenna technology that vivo has accumulated over the years also makes the X30 Pro's signal coverage better, and also makes the phone hold its antenna performance well.


In terms of performance, the Vivo X30 Pro is equipped with an Exynos 980 processor using an 8-nano-FinFET process that integrates two Cortex-A77 large cores and four Cortex-A55 small cores, the world's first chip with the latest ARM A77 architecture, up 20 per cent from the A76 in terms of co-frequency performance and the flagship GPU Mali-G76MP5.


In terms of running points,330000 points are more in line with expectations, the overall performance is comparable to the level of the Celldragon 765G processor's mobile phone, and there is no significant gap between Mali-G76 and Adreno 620.


Of course, the score can only be used as a reference, we still through the game to test the mobile phone, this time we chose \"wild racing 9\", the specific situation, the game to the highest quality, to 60 frames run, the overall performance of the game is still very positive, the overall smooth, accurate touch, also relatively rapid response, the regular scene, can get a very smooth experience, but in some elements of the scene, or cannot avoid the emergence of a frame problem, after all, is a mid-end machine, can achieve such an effect, calculate is relatively rare, according to the test situation, vivo x30 pro should be able to deal with most mobile games easily.


In temperature control, vivo X30 Pro's performance is also remarkable, after half an hour of \"Wild Ride 9,\" the phone's back temperature is only slightly higher, the core heating area is not hot, will not affect the game experience at all, for a 5G phone, such performance is higher than expected.


Vivo X30 Pro has built-in a 4350mAh battery with an Android-based deep-customised Funtouch OS 10 operating system, which emphasizes interface design and human-computer interaction, and can also be controlled by AI to optimize the operation of the system's background applications for users to achieve power-saving results.


In real terms, adjusting your phone's brightness to 60%, running \"wild racing 9\" for half an hour on top quality and consuming 9% of your electricity, isn't an average problem for moderate users in the past.


Because the vivo X30 Pro has a 33W flash charge, so I also carried out the charging test, the actual test,70 minutes can be charged from 3% to 95%, the first 10 minutes can be charged to 27%, normal use, with a little spare time to replenish the power, users cannot worry about the panic caused by low power.


The 13 million-pixel periscope lens achieves five-fold optical zoom,32 million-pixel human lens light-effect 50mm focal length,64 million-pixel main camera equivalent 26mm focal length, plus 8 million pixels, with 112° view of the ultra-wide lens, vivo X30Pro provides users with a broader creative space.


The most striking of these is, of course, the five-fold photomorphic periscope set. Vivo says it can achieve up to 60 times the mix zoom, and in practice we've found that five-fold light-change imaging is extremely usable, with almost no hand shake causing the sample to blur;60-fold mix zoom doesn't recommend hand-held, if there's a scaffold, of course the best.


Also worth mentioning is the X30Pro's 50mm equivalent lens, the 2-fold zoom lens common in other multi-camera phones. The figure on the vivo x30 pro has a 6p lens and 32m pixels, a 1\/inch cmos, and a light ring value of f\/, which allows for better low-light imaging than other 50mm lenses, making low-light portraits just as good.


From the actual experience, the X30 Pro photo effect is still good, focusing speed and imaging speed are relatively fast, can bring a very smooth photo experience, and from the sample, in the normal light environment, vivo X30 Pro sample Zhang effect is very positive, even when the time is dusk, the sample Zhang still shows enough tolerance, bright details and dark details can be very good to show, the overall white balance is more accurate, the reverse light environment, the dark part of the photo is also rich enough;


In the weak light environment, the white balance performance of the mobile phone is also very good, although the light effect is not good, but the effect of the sample is not too obvious difference with the effect of normal light, unless enlarged and buckled, the shadow is difficult to see the noise, which can be said to be very rare;


Micro-range, thanks to the large aperture, the main body can be very prominent, but also very good presentation of the details, background virtual can also be more natural presentation, there will not be too much AI involved in the transition to draw too much of the situation. Also impressive is the color consistency of the vivo X30 Pro four cameras. While not nearly as consistent as the iphone 11 series, the x30 pro's camera color balance is definitely excellent among multi-photo phones. In general, in the same level of mobile phones, vivo X30 Pro's photo performance is still more competitive.


In advance of the 3000 yuan price segment to achieve the integrated dual-model 5G large-scale shipment of the vivo X30 series, with friends played a price difference and time difference, excellent design, strong enough performance of Exynos 980, excellent photo power combined with dual-model 5G blessing, let the phone show super competitive, vivo on the price, time and product force good pinch, in the 20205G eve, but also let the X30 series, towards the vivo plan \"national 5G flagship \".