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Recently, Meng Meiqi told the Beijing News,\" In fact, the sense of loneliness is that everyone as an individual will face in this society. Only the particularity of the profession.


At the beginning of 2020, Beijing News Entertainment launched the special plan \"2019 Entertainment people of the year \", interviewed seven artists who had the most topic in the past year, for each person to face or good or bad different voices, as well as young people care about \"hair loss \",\" water inverse \",\" online shopping\" and other life fun, listen to what the TA said.


Rocket girl 101 meng meiqi: in fact, the sense of loneliness is everyone as an individual in this society will face. Only the particularity of the profession of artists, in the face of public opinion and popular psychology, and always to maintain a sense of tension and crisis, is really only in this industry can experience the talent. When I don't do what everyone expects, I will fall into self-doubt and confusion, which is the most lonely time.


Beijing xinjing: you in the acting program self-confessed \"I am the flow \", the flow of the word has been a lot of controversy in recent years, many people do not want to admit. What do you think are the advantages and disadvantages of \"flow\" to you? What do you think of the meaning behind the \"flow\" label?


Rocket girl 101 meng meiqi: li: your influence is increasing, your actions will affect a lot of people. Disadvantages: Your sentence may be infinitely magnified and misinterpreted. My understanding is that \"flow\" is the product of this information age, your every move will cause a wide range of discussion in a short time, the label behind the more important thing you have to pass on to those who like you and pay attention to you. You need to deliver more positive things.


Beijing News: How much are you prepared and looking forward to your career as an actor when your movie is released in 2019? In the current love bean stage is not rich enough in the general environment, song stage and film and television performance, which will you focus on in the future?


Rocket girl 101 meng meiqi: prepared to participate in the performance before a lot of classes, training body, lines and action play. Look forward to words, or hope to have a continuous breakthrough and try it. The future of things cannot be said to be very certain now, can only say that now I am in the song stage is enjoying, in the acting stage is challenging and breakthrough self. It's two different states, and I'm enjoying it.


Beijing News: in the entertainment industry in Vanity Fair, to face the powder black and all kinds of disputes, you said that your personality is more introverted, work is also very difficult to make new friends, what is the impact of this personality on you? Will it increase your stress at work?


Rocket girl 101 meng meiqi: is sometimes not very accurate expression of their emotions. Pressure is good, to be a true self, to me is to release the pressure.


Rocket girl 101 meng meiqi: the original regret is not able to go out with the members to play, but soon to make up for this regret, will go home together to record a large ensemble. Harvest is actually more how to correctly face the psychology of the profession, learned to adjust their rhythm in the busy to adapt and enjoy the profession. And it's been challenging for more than a year, going to the Sahara, having concerts, attending various fashion weeks, being a star pusher, and really learning a lot in the process of changing roles.


Rocket Girl 101 Meng Meiqi: Yes, my parents love me very much, I grew up in the environment of love. After entering this profession, there are many people who accompany me and encourage me. So always grateful.


Rocket Girl 101 Meng Meiqi:\" TMEA \"(the first Tencent music entertainment festival) bar, this is the most recent and the most clear impression. Is the first time I attended the awards ceremony, in fact very nervous, perturbed, as if the final completion is OK, I am quite happy.